Q: Where is Maine BayCycle located?

A: Maine BayCycle picks up passengers at Bell Buoy Park, located on Commercial Street in downtown Portland, Maine. More information can be found in the Map section.

Q: Can I bring food and drink?

A: Yes, passengers are allowed to bring beer, wine soft drinks and food. No hard alcohol is permitted.

Q: Do all passengers need to be 21+?

A: Yes, unless the boat is chartered for a private party. If you would like to bring passengers under 21 otherwise, please call or email to set up a cruise. 

Q: Do I need to bring ice?

A: No, there is ice provided in the built-in coolers.

Q: Is there a bathroom?

A: There is no bathroom on board the vessel. Use of a nearby restroom before boarding is strongly encouraged.

Q: Do we get wet?

A: No, you are never in the water. 

Q: How many people need to pedal to power the boat?

A: The boat requires a minimum of six passengers. If the minimum is not met, your tour may be rescheduled to a different time or date.

Q: How hard is the pedaling?

A: Pedaling is as hard or easy as the group decides!

Q: Do we steer the boat?

A: No, the boat is controlled by a U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain. 

Q: Can I move around the boat?

A: Yes. You are free to walk around the deck.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Dress appropriate for the weather. You will be seated under a large canopy, shielding you from direct sun and rain. It can get cool on the water, though, so bringing a light jacket is a good idea. 

Q: Do I need to wear a life jacket?

A: Life jackets are available on board, but are not necessary.

Q: Is the boat wheelchair accessible? 

A: Yes, there is seating and deck space on the bow without pedal stations. 

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: Cancellations 24 hours in advance will be refunded at no cost. If a trip is canceled due to hazardous weather, the trip will be rescheduled at your convenience, or refunded. Hazardous weather includes thunderstorms and/or high wind. If the National Weather Service issues a Small Craft Advisory (dangerous wind speeds for small boats), trips will be suspended.